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Making the foray into blogging because at forty-something, and mother of three, I have turned my back on my film career and am pursuing my education. This September I start at UCLA as a Junior, majoring in English.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I sit at my computer looking at a stack of the twelve text books and novels I will be reading this quarter. I have bought my ring binders, college ruled notepads, pens, pencils and other assorted accoutrements of academia. Each folder is carefully labeled not only with my name, subject and professor, but also the days and times of the lectures and their room numbers. I am a bit anal about organizing.
My university e-mail inbox is overflowing with invites from groups ranging from transfer student welcoming committees, greek life organizations, campus social events, extra curricular clubs, and even one inviting me to try out for the rowing team! I am being well and truly embraced by UCLA, and have even scored a prized parking spot in the second round allocations - something I am thrilled about!
I am nervous, and I am excited. Tomorrow I will go to campus and walk through my schedule to locate lecture rooms to make sure I can get between classes in time, and where they are in relation to the parking lot (I have a notoriously bad sense of direction, and it is a big complicated campus).
Looking at the mostly young fellow-students milling about, I'll be thinking carefully about what the hell I should wear, and wondering whether or not anyone will talk to me. On Thursday I will begin this journey in earnest. Wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck CampusLady! You will knock them dead, I know you will. It's such an exciting adventure and I'm glad we all get to live it vicariously through you.


    Miss W xx

  2. Love you, Miss W, for saying that!

  3. I love the idea of you being invited into the greek system. If you rush, can we all come to dinner with your new sisters one night?