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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I cannot believe it has taken me this long to have a minute to myself to write on this 'ere blog of mine. This quarter has raced by - with mid-terms barely returned to our anxious waiting hands, it is time for finals! I will finish the quarter on December 10th - the day of my last final - and breathe a sigh of relief. Today I present my poetry portfolio in the seminar class - I have been living with Sylvia Plath for some time now, and particularly with "Daddy" - not the most uplifting of works. However, to counteract that, we are studying the Romantics in one of my English classes - the joys of Shelley, Keats and Byron - and pondering on the triumph of imagination over reason in contrast to the Neo-classicists we covered earlier. For my other class, we just read "Praisesong for the Widow" by Paule Marshall - a wonderful story, and also I rediscovered (and wrote my midterm paper on "The Color Purple").

In between, the annual Buckley musical devoured all of my 'spare' time - it was an astonishing success. "Sweet Charity" played to almost total rave reviews! I was immensely proud of the all of the kids in the show, and behind the scenes. The faculty are just the most wonderful people, who have become my friends - and we celebrated after closing night with Lebanese food and lots of wine (and tequila!). My theater producing days behind me for a little while, I have been busily writing papers - no time for writing here. I have dismally neglected my book club (both of them) and not read the last 3 books - of which I am heartily ashamed! Sorry girls, will try to do better....

I love UCLA - and enjoy being on campus and in the classroom. I have been inspired by my professors and the TA's. It is fascinating to see how students 'operate' and game the system - and I have great respect for some of the hard-working ones, and contempt for some of the others!

Anyhow, this is less than inspiring, but I felt I should try and update - oh and in case you are interested - my midterms and papers thus far have yielded A's. Onward and upwards and will try to write something more entertaining and amusing soon!